2015 Post-Oscar thoughts

Best picture went to Birdman! I thought it was between Birdman and Boyhood, but now I’m feeling like Boyhood never stood a chance. The fact that Boyhood didn’t win Best Director or Best Film Editing was quite shocking. Linklater spent 12 years filming this movie….12 YEARS! Saying 12 years in relation to Boyhood has actually become a thing (due to the advertising of the film) or maybe I’m just late finding that out. The directing of Birdman is incredible though. Best Director was basically a movie that looks like it was done in one take vs. a movie that was filmed over 12 years. Boyhood losing Best Director and Film Editing definitely messed with a lot of predictions. Whiplash winning Best Film Editing was a great surprise. I’m actually very happy that Birdman won, however, I would have been the happiest if Whiplash won. Whiplash was one of my favorite movies of the year.

Eddie Redmayne was my main pick for Best Actor. I thought he would win and he did. I wish Jake Gyllenhaal was nominated because I think he deserves it. Maybe he will be like Leo. Give incredible performances, but never win. Well…first he needs to get nominated. Julianne Moore was the favorite to win, although I would have loved to see Rosamund Pike win for Gone Girl. The Academy definitely showed no love to Gone Girl. J.K. Simmons (YESSS!!) and Patricia Arquette were the obvious choices for Best Supporting Actor and Actress. No surprises there.

I wanted Best Original Screenplay to go to Wes Anderson for The Grand Budapest Hotel, but it ended up going to Birdman. That man deserves an Oscar at this point in his career. The Grand Budapest Hotel was sweeping all the make-up and costume awards. It even won best original score, which I was surprised by. I thought for sure it would go to The Theory of Everything.

Big Hero 6 beating How To Train Your Dragon 2 was ridiculous to me. The Oscars are always unpredictable in the Best Animated Feature category. In 2013, Brave beat Wreck-It Ralph….enough said. I am still not happy about The Lego Movie not getting a nomination. Both The Lego Movie and How To Train Your Dragon 2 are much better movies than Big Hero 6. Both of them had more interesting characters and much more depth than Big Hero 6. I will never trust the Academy with this specific category.

Last, I was happy that Interstellar won Best Visual Effects. I wasn’t sure if it would go to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes or Interstellar. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has some of the greatest motion capture I’ve ever seen and it looks stunning. However, Interstellar has some of the best space visuals I’ve ever seen and the amazing practical effects that Nolan is known for.

Those are my main thoughts on the Oscars! Last year was a good year for movies, this year looks to be even better! (STAR WARS!!! AVENGERS!!! Etc.)

Side note: I didn’t think Neil Patrick Harris was that great of a host for the Oscars. Ellen was much better. Also, Common and John Legend have an Oscar, Leo still doesn’t. Poor guy.


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