The Walking Dead – 4×05 – “Interment” Review

Warning, this review contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched it then don’t read this.

If this episode belonged to anyone, then it would be Hershel. Here we see a man who sacrificed his own health to help others. Sasha calls him a fool for stepping into the quarantine to help them – but then she goes on to state that she would be dead if he didn’t. He’s a man who tries to keep up the spirits of all the members, but does what’s necessary at the same time. When the people who are sick die, he takes them away and kills them elsewhere so the others don’t have to witness it. Hope is a powerful thing and it’s something that they need. If you compare Hershel to Carol, you can see that Carol would have been more direct. Hershel is trying to save everyone and still thinks that it all happened for a reason – that they are still being tested.

But as Caleb stated, “not everyone gets to live”. Hershel can’t be in too many places at once and something was bound to go wrong. Some of the sick begin turning and begin attacking as Glenn and Sasha get progressively sick.

We also see Rick return to the prison and talk to Maggie for a brief moment about Carol. “You did the right thing. I don’t know if I could have done it” says Maggie. We will also get to see Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s banishment next week (which is exciting). Rick’s return also brings about the issue of Carl. “You can’t always keep me from what’s happening” says Carl.

Maggie and Rick begin reinforcing the fences until a gunshot goes off in the prison and Rick tells Maggie to go. He gets Carl to help him hold off the zombies at the fences. Rick has been iffy about letting Carl have any adult responsibilities and letting him use a gun since he killed somebody last season. But in this episode, he has no choice but to let him help. We see Rick and Carl go head-to-head with a horde of zombies using assault rifles.

“Interment” is easily the most action-packed episode of the season thus far. I found it to be extremely intense due to the fact that several main characters were in danger. Glenn, Hershel, and Sasha were all in danger inside the prison and Rick and Carl were in danger near the fences. I was actually quite fearful for Glenn’s life during this episode. The attack inside the prison was happening simultaneously with Rick and Carl fighting off the zombie horde – only making it that much more intense.

Once the action let’s up, Daryl and the others who went to get the medicine return. The prisoners will finally be safe from sickness, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a new threat. The end of the episode shows The Governor lurking outside of the prison. With the return of the Governor, the season is only going to get more intense. Another great episode from this impressive season (so far).

Rating: 9.0/10


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