The Walking Dead – 4×04 – “Indifference” Review

Warning, this review contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched it then don’t read this.

‘Indifference’, starts off with Rick and Carol. I think it’s extremely fascinating that we finally have a female character that’s strong – besides Michonne. Lori and Andrea were two characters that made decisions for all the wrong reasons. Carol proclaims that she killed Karen and David for the group – to protect the ones she loves. However, do her reasons justify her actions? If Rick was asking the three questions, then her answer to the third question (why did you kill them?) would be insufficient to Rick. And that’s why I believe Rick left her in the end. Carol made a decision without the counsel of the entire group. Her character this season has been complex and extremely interesting to watch. While she’s left the group, I’m hoping we do get to see her in future episodes.

This is an episode with a lot of character development. Besides Rick and Carol, this episode follows Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob as they search for medicine.

Last week, we saw Tyreese’s unrelenting anger and it continues in this episode. His rage, connected to the death of Karen, will only continue and can only lead to disastrous results. His death-wish attitude could also wind up getting others killed.

And that leads me to Bob, who already got someone killed due to his alcoholic tendencies. We learn more about his past – the fact that he’s been with two different groups and watched them all die. The effects of that lead him to become an alcoholic. He tells Daryl the truth about what happened in the Big Smart in the first episode of the season. As the group gathers the medicine and leaves, they are attacked by zombies. Bob’s bag is grabbed and he isn’t willing to let go. The bag is yanked out of the hands of the zombie and lands, with a bottle of alcohol falling out. Daryl grabs the bottle confronting him and is about to throw it when Bob goes for his gun. It seems Bob’s alcoholism isn’t over and he’s even willing to kill for it.

One thing I love this season is the dynamic between the characters. The dynamic between Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob is exceptional. Also, the scenes between Carol and Rick show how far they’ve come since the beginning. You can really see the changes they’ve undergone as the series as progressed. Carol isn’t even willing to say her daughter’s name and she isn’t willing to let anyone call her mom. She says the kids at the camp are like her own, yet when Lizzie accidentally calls her mom she says “don’t call me that.”

I’m satisfied with how the season has progressed so far. However, I won’t get my hopes up too much because season 3 started off pretty well, but then had some average episodes later on. But as of now, this season seems much more consistent than season 2 and season 3.

Some notes:

  • Michonne’s search for the Governor has hit a dead end for now.
  • I’m wondering how Daryl will react to Rick banishing Carol.

Rating: 8.0/10


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – 4×04 – “Indifference” Review

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  2. Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s banishment is probably the thing the audience is expecting the most. After a long time seeing Daryl following Rick like a puppy , it would be nice to bring back the Daryl from s1 for a few moments.
    If Daryl is okay with Carol being alone out there , it will probably one of the biggest character assassination i have ever seen. Please writers , respect Daryl’s character , please.

    • Absolutely, there is no way Daryl would be fine with Carol’s banishment and if he is, then I would frown upon what the writers have done. I’m also interested to see Tyreese’s reaction if or when he finds out what Carol did. In a way, he might have ended up saving Carol from Tyreese.

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