The Walking Dead – 4×03 – “Isolation” Review

-Warning, this review contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched it then don’t read this.

The episode begins where last week left off – with the bodies of Karen and David that were found burned. As we watch the episode we see that something is off about Carol and no surprise – she committed the act trying to prevent the flu outbreak. It was most obvious after her talk to Tyreese about Karen. Her reaction seemed to show signs that she had done something wrong. If you look at the reasons she did it, you could see that she was looking at the bigger picture. You can see it from her perspective as two people dying for the lives of the rest of the group. Unfortunately she failed and her actions will most certainly change the audiences view on her character. Whether Rick keeps this secret or not will surely come into play in future episodes. Surprisingly, Rick solved that case extremely fast and it wasn’t dragged out over the course of multiple episodes.

“Did you kill Karen and David?” – Rick
“Yes” – Carol

The episode is titled “Isolation”. It deals with the quarantine of several members of the prison group. We see several members of the group succumb to flu symptoms and the others (Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, Bob Stookey) attempting to find antibiotics to save them. Instead of just the previous Woodbury members getting sick, a couple of main characters have been plagued with the symptoms. Glenn and Sasha have the flu and are becoming increasingly sick. I was surprised because the past two episodes only dealt with killing off random characters that we didn’t get a chance to know. The threat here is more substantial because it deals with characters I actually care about.

Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Stookey have the most action-packed portion of the episode. As they attempt to listen to a mysterious message over the radio (I’m excited to hear more about this), they crash into a hoard of zombies. They escape the group of zombies and leave Tyreese behind assuming that he was going to die. Tyreese somehow escapes the horde, which I wasn’t surprised about considering he’s a comic book character that only got introduced last season.

We see characters in this episode dealing with their situations differently. Tyreese almost gives up after the death of Karen and Sasha becoming sick. He changes his mind last minute and takes out his frustration by fighting a mass of zombies only to narrowly escape. Rick focuses on keeping the camp intact and investigating the murder of Karen and David. Lastly, Hershel’s attention is focused on helping members of the group that have the flu. He leaves quarantine to help sick members for one important reason. “There’s so many times we weren’t able to do anything to change what was happening” says Hershel. However, this time was his chance to be able to change what was happening.

The flu approach to this season is an interesting new direction and I’m excited to see more. With the mystery of the radio, Carol’s decision, and the stakes increasing each episode, i’m excited to see more.

If you have any observations or anything to say about the episode, feel free to state it in the comments.

Rating: 8.0/10



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