The Walking Dead – 4×02 – “Infected” Review

The second episode of season 4, titled “Infected”, was an extremely intense one. Last week we saw a boy spontaneously die inside the prison and this week dealt with the repercussions of that. Turns out there is a flu going around and everyone is in danger.

The opening scene of the episode showed us the boy who died last week; now zombified and wreaking havoc inside the prison. He bites a sleeping man and a lot of nameless characters inside Cell Block D die. It’s a very intense sequence, but I never cared that the people in the prison were dying. None of the characters that died during this scene were major characters and I didn’t know any of their names. This is a major problem I have with the time jump between season 3 and 4. There was no development of these characters so they just sort of disappear before we even get to know them. The only one I slightly cared about was Tyreese’s girlfriend Karen. But even then, her character wasn’t that fleshed out either. I cared because Tyreese cared about her, not because I did.

Carol on the other hand, continues to be a strong female character. You would think the death of her daughter would have broken her, but she’s only gotten stronger. She teachers two little girls what they must do to survive. If your loved one is infected you have to end it before it can begin. She also taught one of the little girls the difference between feeling emotions for walkers and humans.

Michonne had an interesting scene with Beth in which Beth discussed people losing their children. Michonne later refused to hold Judith, but ended up doing so and bursting into tears. This could have something to do with Michonne’s past. We know almost nothing about her past and I hope that the writers will be exploring that sometime in the future.

Rick has been acting as a farmer for the past two episodes. I believe he did this to shelter Carl. The moment Rick snaps out of it, he returns Carl’s gun and hat. Carl always seems to be following his father’s lead. Thankfully the writers didn’t keep Rick as a farmer for too long. It’s only been two episodes and he’s already out of his farmer Rick phase. Now is when he is most needed, especially with somebody burning bodies in the prison and feeding rats to zombies. This leads to some interesting conflict for the next episode. This episode was much more intense than last week and the pacing was improved. Hopefully they can keep this up.

Rating: 8.5/10

+More intense action sequences
+Better pacing
+Interesting set-up for next week
-Don’t really care about the new characters


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