Gravity (2013) – Film Review

Gravity is a tense thriller that will leave you gasping for air by the end of the film. When you first watch Gravity, you’ll immediately be captured by the sense of scope and visual wonder occurring on-screen. Seeing these tiny astronauts hover over Earth (especially in IMAX 3D) is both overwhelming and beautiful. It grabs you from the beginning and never lets go.

The plot is simple and consists of Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) on her first mission in space. She is accompanied by space veteran Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). An unfortunate accident caused by destroyed satellite debris sends them adrift in space. The film becomes a tale of survival that is an intense spectacle. I would not dare spoil the events that take place after they are sent wandering aimlessly in space.

Matt Kowalski and Ryan Stone are two characters that react to situations differently. Matt Kowalski takes in space as if he’s never been before; even though he’s been countless times. He savors every moment. Ryan Stone, on the other hand, is all work and no play. She doesn’t look around and enjoy the beauty. As the film continues we get more back story on Ryan Stone’s past and why she is distant when compared to Matt Kowalski. George Clooney does a great job and is extremely charming, but this is Sandra Bullock’s movie. She portrays emotions of grief, panic, and hopelessness with ease. We see the film through her eyes as we see her struggle to survive.

Director Alfonso Cuaron is a master of the camera. Shots of Ryan Stone floating and spiraling out of control; trying to desperately grab onto something to save her life are impressive. He also uses first-person shots to show us Ryan Stone’s perspective. The camera takes us into her spacesuit. We hear her breathe and see it fog up her helmet from the inside. The use of sound is also spectacular. The music amplifies the intensity of heart-pounding sequences causing you to be on the edge-of-your-seat. At times there are explosions with little to no sound; only making them more terrifying.

Gravity had me hooked for the entire 90 minute run time. This film is neither too short, nor too long. It’s the perfect length. I experienced it in IMAX 3D and believe everyone should. The size of the IMAX screen and the 3D really help make you feel as if you’re floating in space and right there with the characters. Seeing the beautiful visuals on the large IMAX screen is something I would not pass up on. The only flaw I could note is that there are times when the film tries to be emotional and it doesn’t always work. However, that never took me out of this breathtaking experience. Gravity is, as of now, my favorite movie of the year.

Rating: 9.0/10


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