Breaking Bad – 5×16 – Series Finale Review (Felina)

These five seasons of Breaking Bad wanted to take Walter White from a chemistry teacher who nobody would believe was a threat and turn him into Scarface. It delved into how dark this man was going to go for his own satisfaction (even though he was always saying it was for family). He built a pyramid of lies that started to unravel as the series went on. This was perhaps the biggest series finale since Lost or The Sopranos. I would say that it surpassed both.

In the tense conclusion to Breaking Bad, we see revenge and Walt being humanized. My prediction was that Gretchen and Elliot would also be caught in the crossfire of Walt’s story and be murdered by him. Luckily I was wrong and it was something much more satisfying. He used them to get his money to his family.

Walt shows for the first time in a long time that he can tell the truth. He opens up to Skyler and tells her “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it, and I was alive.” This whole time Walt knows that this is his end. He gets to see Holly and Walt Jr. one last time before he sets off for revenge.

On the revenge front of the episode, he finally uses the ricin and as it turns out, it was for Lydia. The standoff with Walt and Uncle Jack was extremely tense and lead to the demise of Uncle Jack’s crew at the hands of a custom built M60 turret. Walt saved Jesse from this even though he had the opportunity to let him die. He still forgives everything Jesse has done and saves him instead. Todd’s death comes at the hands of Jesse, which was only fitting after he tortured him and killed Andrea before his eyes. Walt is offered money by Uncle Jack. Walt finally says no to the money and pulls the trigger.

In the final moments of the episode, we see more of Walt telling the truth. Jesse finally gets Walt to tell him the truth. “Say you want this” says Jesse. “I want this” says Walt as he tells Jesse to shoot him. Jesse finally gets his chance to say no to Walt. This is the again, the first time in a long while that we see him tell the truth to Jesse. After the lies about Mike and Brock, this was something that he needed to do. We see a great shot of Jesse speeding off with pure joy knowing that he has finally escaped. Walt walks around the meth lab and starts to fade as the bullet that hit him during the M60 scene starts to slowly kill him. Heisenberg dies in the same place that he was created, a meth lab. The story comes full circle.

This is the happiest ending that could have possibly been conceived for a show as dark as this. The ending is perfection and everything is neatly tied up like the end of a good book. After 62 episodes, this is one of the best shows to ever grace television. Thank you Vince Gilligan for a journey that will never be forgotten and an ending that could not have been better.

Rating: 10/10


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